Passport to the LRC! (1)

Welcome to the Learning Resource Centre’s (LRC) Orientation Website.

This website has been created to help you get to know the LRC better.

We have many resources and helpful teachers here who can assist you with your learning and assignments.

We call our Library – The Learning Resource Centre or LRC for short because learning is central to what we do here.

Please come and ask us if you need some help.

*  Opening Time:  8.00am

*  We are open throughout the school day.

*  You are also very welcome to visit the LRC every recess and lunchtime and teachers will be here to help if you need it.

*  Closing Time:  3.20pm

نرحب       歡迎     خوش آمدید     Chào mừng   Welcome   Καλώς όρισες   Bienvenue   ようこそ  स्वागत है